You don’t need to be a rider to join. Many join because they love our events. 

The GRTA Membership consists of those interested in preserving open space, historic wildlife corridors, and the tradition of horseback riding in Greenwich. This includes landowners, nature enthusiasts, and riders of all ages.
… Anyone wanting to help keep the ‘green’ in Greenwich …

All membership contributions to our organization helps in the stewardship of green spaces in Greenwich. Membership includes The Networker newsletter as well as invitations to all of our events.

$50 – Social Member
$75 – Junior Equestrian (under 21)
$250 – Individual Rider
$300 – Trail Preservation Family
$350 – Equestrian Center
$500 – Patron of the Trails
$3,500 – Individual Life Member
$5,000 – Family Life Member (2)

Do You Prefer To Pay By Check?

Mail completed form and payment to The GRTA, PO Box 1403, Greenwich, CT 06836

The GRTA is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit, all contributions are tax deductible to the extent provided by the law. We are an independent, self-supporting group that neither seeks nor obtains community funds.